Summer Promo

Business Around A Book Premium (3 Spots Available)

This is for the author who wants the consulting and wants to learn about how to build a business around a book, but also just wants someone put it all together for them. We’re talking about a full implementation of your new business from soup to nuts.

For example, when you engage Jim to do this for you, you’re getting the following:

  • Full access to Jim who will help you decide what business to build, including helping you come up with brand names, pricing models, technology choices
  • Also, using Jim’s team we’ll build your entire platform including the website and landing pages, and implement the entire technology chosen for you (shopping cart, etc…)
  • In other words, you’re getting Jim’s full consulting package with strategy, and a full implementation package where Jim and his team will actually build the business for you, around your book
  • Needless To Say, this is a LOT of work, which is why this special pricing is only open for 3 people

Two payments of $750