Which Package Is The Best Fit For You?

If you have a specific question about either program, please click here to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation phone conversation with Jim to find out which one is the best fit for you.

Business Around A Book Premium

This is for the author who wants the consulting and wants to learn it all, but honestly just wants someone put it all together for them. We’re talking about a full implementation of your new business from soup to nuts.

For example, when you engage Jim to do this for you, you’re getting the following:

  • Everything in the Standard option, including all the bonus materials, but in addition…
  • Full access to Jim who will help you decide what business to build, including helping you come up with brand names, pricing models, technology choices.
  • Also, using Jim’s team we’ll build your entire platform including the website and landing pages, and implement the entire technology chosen for you (shopping cart, etc…).
  • In other words, you’re getting Jim’s full consulting package with strategy, and a full implementation package where Jim and his team will actually build the business for you.
  • Needless To Say, this is a LOT of work. If you cannot afford this “done for you” service, you might be better off going with the Business Around A Book Standard offering. You’ll still learn everything you need to know.

Three payments of $933

Business Around A Book One-Time Strategy

This is for the author who wants a strategy plan to learn how to build a business around a book.

With this strategy you’ll learn:

  • How to design the right business around your book, and your lifestyle
  • The types of business models available to you with case studies and projections on income so you can decide which one works best for you and your goals
  • The software and technology needed to power each business
  • How to structure your business so that you’re making maximum income
  • How to price your business options to attract the best customers and close leads
  • The top ways to generate leads for each business model
  • Top methods for closing leads and maximizing sales
  • A scheduled “check-in” session after one-month where Jim Kukral will consult with you about your business and give you his advice on what you should do
  • Bonus for pre-sale: Jim’s team will create a custom landing page for your business you can use to start generating customers immediately

One payment of $559